Watch This RAM 2500 Fight To Defend Its Title As Tug Of War Champion Against A Tractor

The video puts the heavy-duty RAM against an equally heavy-duty John Deere tractor with lots of torque to test the limits of this go-anywhere truck.

The Fast Lane Truck and Tractor Time channels on YouTube collaborate. Join Tim in a fresh tug-of-war battle against the winner of the previous tug-of-war match, a 2022 Ram 2500 pickup truck, utilising a bigger John Deere tractor.

View the video to see whether this is a fair contest and whether the Ram can continue to hold the championship after another obstacle.

The RAM 2500 In Tractor vs Truck Tug Of War

For this task, Tim pits the Ram against a 4 Series John Deere tractor.

As John Deere models range in size and power from Series 1 to 9, the 4 Series isn’t the company’s biggest model.

The tractor’s 3-cylinder diesel engine, however only producing 66 horsepower, is strong in terms of torque.

The heavy-duty version of the 4 Series tractor has more weight thanks to Tim’s inclusion of some concrete and stones in addition to the tractor’s technical specifications.

The Ram is back to take on this potent John Deere tractor after defeating a different John Deere, a Skid Steer, and a Ford Bronco in the last round.

With a 6.7L turbocharged, standard output diesel engine and 370 horsepower, the Ram is capable of towing around 20,000 pounds.

Tim is certain that the tractor will prevail by a significant margin despite the Ram’s potent powers and track record of winning tug-of-war battles.

The Powerful And Unstickable Ram 2500 VS John Deere

The moment the race starts, it becomes clear that neither vehicle has a major edge as they each struggle to advance against the other’s force.

It nearly looks as if each is strong enough to avoid defeat as wheels spin and mud flies about.

A brief camera view of the flag indicates that it has slightly shifted in the tractor’s direction, suggesting that it may have managed to win.

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