Can Truckers Carry Guns Across State Lines?

Truck drivers have extensive training to help them operate larger vehicles. The necessity to defend oneself against a serious threat, such as a robber wishing to injure them, is an element of the work that many truckers aren’t trained for. Can truckers who are operating a business vehicle across state borders carry weapons for self-defense?

Can trucking be dangerous?

The most risky aspect of a truck driver’s employment, apart from the potential for collisions with other vehicles and damage from severe weather, is coming into contact with someone who wants to harm them. Truck drivers frequently encounter thieves, particularly when they go through shadowy terrain.

Many truck drivers handle cargo alone, leaving them more susceptible to assaults, claims Truck Drivers Academy. Truck drivers must safeguard themselves while robbers are present. How are they able to achieve that is the question. Dash cameras are the most frequent piece of equipment found on trucks and are ideal in the event of an accident or a break-in. However, it won’t provide the driver any protection.

The first defence strategy that springs to mind is to use some sort of weapon, but are guns authorised for truckers to carry?

Are firearms prohibited on commercial trucks?

Nothing in federal or state law prohibits a trucker from keeping a handgun in their commercial vehicle, as long as they keep their paperwork current and always have their licence on them. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which was approved by the House of Representatives in 2017, is to blame for this. But there are severe rules in every state that must be followed.

For instance, you might need to pass a background check, be of legal age, and finish a certification course before you can get a concealed weapon licence. If you’re pulled over and the weapon is discovered, most states with identical restrictions will accept an out-of-state one. A licence from another country won’t be accepted in states like Illinois. It has to come from the nation’s own government.

According to the U.S. Concealed Carry Association, it is feasible to carry a concealed handgun with the appropriate documentation, but the issue starts at the corporate level (USCCA). It appears that many transportation companies prohibit the use of guns inside their vehicles.

Many people think that these larger trucking businesses forbid weapons because their insurance policies make the trucks uninsurable, however the USCCA indicates that this isn’t the case. It is uncertain why it is illegal for drivers to carry a handgun while running.

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